Sunday, January 4, 2009


These past few days Jake and I were able to go up to the Cabin in Payson! We left on New Years Day and came back yesterday. It was a nice vacation. We took up Jakes brother and all of his friends, there were 10 of us total. It was definantly an experience cooking and making dinner for 8 teenagers! It gave me the practice for a large family one day.
We got to the cabin around 4:00 in the afternoon on January 1st, I drove up all the way for the first time! We didnt do much the first day but un pack and shop for the food. We watched a movie that night. The next day we went on a hike behind the cabin, it was not to cold at all, the weather was very nice. We found bones of elk and the boys thought it was the coolest thing ever, me not so much! We then went back to the cabin for some lunch and left for the snow after. It was not snowing in Payson, however just 20 more minutes up the mountain there was a foot of snow that had fallen! We had so much fun runing around and having a snowball fight! I didnt get to close to the ones throwing the most snowballs, I got hit in the face pretty hard last time, not to mention any names.... Jake!
We left later in the morning the next day. We all had a wonderful time, including my dogs! Now its bck to another wonderful work week! I cant wait to go back to Payson again soon!
We only took a little bit of video while we were out there, you loose all sense of technology while you are away from it all! I will put up pics the next time we go! Hopefully sooner than later! Happy New Year everyone!

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