Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sedona Arizona 2009

The view as we entered Sedona.
Red Rock!!

Me at the front of the shopping place Jake and I went three years ago on a date.

Me and Jake shopping, it was full of art, jewelry and yummy food.

Me next to a horse statue.

There was this guy who made these things himself, were here when we were dating and saw this, I still think they are cool!

Jake siting in a stone chair....

Me siting in a stone chair! It was actually comfortable!

Us after a nice dinner there in the shoping place. The shoping place was were Jake and I went on a date when we were just dating, so for our anniversary we went back for fun and also found some new adventures.

we thought it was going to storm, it only sprikled here and there and there was thunder in the distance, it was actually was a very beautiful day! perfect for everything we wanted to do!

Us right before the hike, it was a beautiful day! There was thunder off in the distance and it sprinkled a little and there was sun out for most of the hike. It was in the high 70s beautiful!!
Jake starting out the hike in hopes to find Fay Canyon!

Me staring out the hike just hoping to finish in one piece!

Jake on the trail! I love hiking with this guy!

Me stopping to take a few pictures!

The mountain we were about to hike, called Fay Canyon!
Me pointing to the Canyon!

Amazing views while hiking.

Beautiful red rock while hiking.

This is my favorite picture, us on the mountain, getting closer to the Canyon!

us kissing on the mountain! It was beautiful!

The view of the neighbor mountain, yes were that high!

the rocks we had to climb to get to the top! Its a good thing we are in shape ha ha not!!

Me hiking the mountain!

Me needing to take a break ha ha!

Jake at the top of the mountain, holding it up ha ha!
Me and Jake at the top of the mountain, we made it!!

I'm not over exaggerating I really thought I was going to die!! lol

I made it to the top in one piece!

Me at the end of the hike!! I did it! It was so much fun!!

me and Snoopy rock behind me! We enjoyed a walk through town that evening.
I had to get my "boys" something! It was their birthday this month!

Of course we needed to get a treat ourselves!

We shared a bannana split! It was soooo good!!

The view from town!

The famous Pink Jeeps!
We didnt get to go one one this time,but I had to have my picture next to one!!

We found Jakes store!!

The views were amazing!

Snoopy rock! My favorite!

I took this picture of a beautiful flower!

the sun setting on the rocks as we were haning out in town.

Jake thought this bridge was cool! I thought i got a good picture of it!

a closer picture of snoopy rock.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009