Saturday, June 6, 2009

Las Vegas 2009

Jake and I went to Las Vegas for part of our summer vacation this year and we took a trip into the city, we had a fun time!
Jake at the begining of the street, we walk the whole way!!

King Tuts place, we didnt get to go in this time.

We got to see real lions, this is the males face up close, we walked under them.

Las Vegas 2009

We got to walk under the lions as they were resting!
Me with the lions behind me so cool!

I loved the lions!! They were awesome to see!

I felt like I was in New York!!

We had someone take a pic of us, I like the water.

Las Vegas 2009

Jake in front of the m&m store.
They had every m&m color you could think of!

I got to take a picture with the m&m guy outside of the store.

We bought m&m ice cream at the store, it was good!!

Jake took me to Paris and back ha ha. We wanted to go all the way up but it cost money.

Las Vegas 2009

The scenery was beautiful.

I thought these trees were awesome looking!

I think there were real dolfins inside but you had to pay so this was as close as we got!

There were some funny looking fish in there.

Las Vegas 2009

Jake with the fish! That would be awesome to have in our house ha ha!
A duck in the water at the water show!

The water show it was really cool!!

Me and Jake before the water show taking a ton of pics! ha ha

Las Vegas 2009

Me and Jake at the water show, it was so cool!!
Me on the Brooklyn Bridge, from New York, I thought anyway.

Statue of Liberty!

A boat next to the Statue of Liberty, a little bit of the east on the west side.

New York!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Summer Vacation 2009

The Grand Canyon! On our way to visit Jakes sister and her family we decided to go to the Grand Canyon on our way there, im so glad we did, we had never gone before together.
in this picture you could actually see some smoke from a fire near by.

I was a bit nervouse at first going near the edge, but after a while i had gotten used to it.

me and my wonderful husband at the Grand Canyon.

Jake was testing out the black and white pictures, it was pretty cool i thought!

Our Summer Vacation 2009

This was one of the first pictures that we took at the Grand Canyon!
Jake had hiked that trail behind him once before.

Me and the Grand Canyon!

Jake was a bit close for me, there was already one person that had fallen while we were there, that was scary!!

Our Summer Vacation 2009

Jake on the Grand Canyon!!

You could see others on the Grand Canyon from the other side.

Me and Jake at the Grand Canyon, we were pretty close to the edge, story of our lives ha ha!!

Every picture that we took looked amazing!

A large rock on top of a small rock in the grand canyon.
There was an elk just wandering in the parking lot on our way out.

I went here when i was a kid about 10 years or so ago. Its still there.

Jake trying to keep the sun out of his eyes, but he just looked so cute!

Me at the red rocks in las vegas.

Our Summer Vacation 2009

We had a lot of fun climbing all over the rocks, I didnt like to go very high but Jake did with most of the kids!
Birthday girl, she was also baptised while we were out here, what an awesome vacation!

Yes that is as high as I went!

Missy helping the little ones who wanted to climb all over the rocks like the big kids!!

Me next to a cute little tree on top of the rocks!