Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Day of Class

Yesterday was our first day of school for the spring semester. I can honestly say we were not quite prepared as we have been before. With the move we feel so disorganized, but being the amazing procrastinators that we are we pulled our things together the last minuet and things went really well. It pored down rain all night our first night and through out the class.
This semester I am taking a photography class and a computer class on line, we will see how that goes, Jake on the other hand, I don't know how he does it, is taking quite a few classes this semester, math, history etc. He did however just find out today that he only has two more classes and he will have his associates in applied science and he is planing on attending ASU in the fall!!
Things have been going pretty good this year so far, we are living one day at a time, and life is so wonderful when you are with the one you love!! We are expecting big things to happen this year and are excited to see what will be happening with school and life. Love you all!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas 2009!

Our last day in our Ward, we will miss it!!
Christmas time!! My favorite game! Jake and I spent my 24th birthday and Christmas up at the cabin, it had snowed so we had a white Chriatmas this year, it was wonderful!!

We brought our Christmas tree!!

Christmas lights!

Jake and I went to the Temple lights with my brother and his friend a few days after Christmas.

Me and my baby brother.

Me and Jake!

Happy New Year 2010!!

Bonfire time!
Me waiting for 12:00, it was cold!

Midnight, we look tired!

Happy New Year everyone!

New pictures!

Family picture 2009!!
Me and Jake thanksgiving!

Our new bedroom, still need to do some unpacking.
I LOVE our new bathroom.

Our new kitchen, the washer and dryer are behind the door.

Our livingroom, all of our stuff fits! yay

The back door to our porch.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Changes 2010

As most of you know this past week Jake and I moved back into an apartment out in Queen Creek. It is closer to both of our jobs so we were able to keep our jobs :) There is just something amazing about Queen Creek that I just cant get away from. We have been so blessed to be able to of had the oportunity to live in such a wonderful house and have such awesome friends and a great Ward, however we are also excited for this new year and what a way to start it off with moving! It was pretty stressful at first however we are now settling in just fine. We have not met any of our neighbors just yet but I know they are there ha ha, I can hear them! Heiko and Kosmo are doing ok, Heiko is doing a lot better than Kosmo, he has lived with us in an apartment before. They both were right away barkig at the people walking by, they are not the only one who bark ha ha! However last night Kosmo wanted to climb on Jakes lap on the couch and just fal asleep with us holding him, I think in time he will under stand, he also had a hard time going to the bathroom outside on the leash. We love our new place and we are excited for the new year and new adventures headed our way! Pictures soon to come!