Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our garden is GROWING!!
A tomato plant!

A pea plant!

My favorite, green onions!!

A potato plant!

Radish, we got to eat one the other day in our salad!!

Our garden!

Spinage, We were already able to eat some of it in a salad! Yummy!
Our flowers, I was worried that they wernt going to make it, but these did!

Our Lemon tree, to bad we wont be seeing any lemons any time soon!

Easter 2009

Me and Jake at his parents house fo our usual picture we take on easter, this is our third time taking it.
I love this picture! This is my new Easter dress.

I love my hubby!

My hair right after I did it, I knew my curls would not stay in for very long!

Easter 2009

Heiko eyeing our yummy breakfast that we threw together.
Jake eyeing the breakfast thet we threw together, he was waiting for me to get done with the pitures!

Our yummy breakfast!!

Me with the things the Easter bunny brought for me.

Jake with his things the Easter bunny brought for him!

Easter 2009

They took their treats and found their spots on the floor and had fun!
Kosmo found his basket first!

Waiting so good for their treats!

The boys really liked their baskets!

High five boys! you found all of the eggs!!

Easter 2009

The Easter egg hunt!!
All of our colored eggs were hidden by the Easter bunny!

Heiko and I looking for eggs! Yes the dogs got involved!

Yes!! He the Easter bunny came!!

Jake was able to catch a quick picture of the Easter bunny on his way out the door! This picture is one of a kind!! Good job hunny!

Easter 2009

The boys are always with us whenever we are doing are projects!! I think they really wanted to eat the eggs, this is what they do when we are eating dinner at the table.
Jake coloring a yellow egg.

Me coloring eggs!

I couldnt help it, I had to eat one!!

Jake coloring eggs! I love how he lets me do all of these art projects and he just goes a long with it! Thanks hunny!!

Easter 2009

Me coloring the eggs!
No Jake, its not orange soda ha ha!

Kosmo watching, like always!

Me and Jake! It was late!

The finished eggs!