Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The related tangents about artwork

Lately I've been trying to make homemade DVDs of all the footage we've had going places. One reason I am doing this is so they don't get lost or erased or in the worst case scenario a house fire. I also have been wanting to do this to all our old photographs (not that we have many)

Anyway, I was walking past a small painting of a steam boat in a storm that was painted by Opa when another idea came to me. This is the only painting that I have from Opa and I am very grateful that I even have it. My thought was to make a copy of it for the same reasons.
Then I thought maybe I could find out how to make copies of all the paintings that Opa and dad made. I am still researching on how and where to do this.

Susie always tells me how great it would be to have some artwork from Dad. We now have two, one from the reunion and the other from Christmas. If this vision ever happens all of Opa's and Dad's descendants could have not only one piece of artwork but all of them. Don't think I am having those greedy eyes but it would truly be something that could enrich a home and extend a memory or two.

I'll let you know what I come up with.

Also I know dad has been playing with an idea in his head for quite some time to produce and sell his artwork. I found this interesting site that might be helpful.


Beth said...

I have had this same thought for a few years now! A friend of mine in our ward has prints made of her Grandpa's art. She said it was done at a printing place in Utah, but never got me the info. However, I did some online research and found this website:
This is absolutely a project that needs to be done!!!

Hanne said...

I've had the same Idea and a few years ago I took some photos of some of Dad's and Opa's art when I was visiting home, but they didn't turn out very well. Anyway, yeah!

fairychildheirlooms said...

I do not own any of Opa's paintings and have been very sad about this fact ever since the paintings were divided up. I have wanted to do same thing ever since, so I hope you can make it work!

Jake and Susie said...

Great Idea hunny!!!! I will do whatever I can to help you with it! I would LOVE to have more of your families art work! Yeah you wrot on the blog!!!!!

SylviaBielefeldt said...

Interesting that both Beth and Jake's suggested websites lead to the same process. Dad has another idea too. You all need to call him and talk to him - I know he'd like to do this. He doesn't check the blogs or email very often, but he loves to research online.