Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sedona Arizona 2009

The view as we entered Sedona.
Red Rock!!

Me at the front of the shopping place Jake and I went three years ago on a date.

Me and Jake shopping, it was full of art, jewelry and yummy food.

Me next to a horse statue.

There was this guy who made these things himself, were here when we were dating and saw this, I still think they are cool!

Jake siting in a stone chair....

Me siting in a stone chair! It was actually comfortable!

Us after a nice dinner there in the shoping place. The shoping place was were Jake and I went on a date when we were just dating, so for our anniversary we went back for fun and also found some new adventures.

we thought it was going to storm, it only sprikled here and there and there was thunder in the distance, it was actually was a very beautiful day! perfect for everything we wanted to do!

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